Fires Types

Covered types of fire Lays are.  Cross Ditch Fire, Dakota Fire Hole, Lean-To Fire, Log Cabin Fire, Star FireSwedish fire torch, Tipi FireUpside Down Campfire.  Tip: Start with enough wood to get the fire going, start with small dry twigs and work your way up to larger pieces as appropriate. With practice you will develop a feel for when and how to add larger pieces.

Cross Ditch Fire Lay 

EastWoodlandSurvival Shows The Cross Ditch. A simple method that creates air flow underneath the fire allowing for more oxygen to aid in the burning process.

Dakota Fire Hole

What if I told you that you could make a fire that only you could see? Any passers-by will be totally oblivious to the presence of you and your fire. If you want to get into stealth camping, build a fire during gale force winds, or just want to lay low then the 'Dakota Fire Hole' is just what you need.

In this video David's Passage demonstrates how to make one of these as well as go through and talk about the pros and cons of this technique. He also talks about when this technique is handy and when it is not so handy. Finally, he shows you just how effective this technique is by boiling 2 cups of water in just over 5 minutes. The Dakota Indians were genius in inventing this technique.

In terms of cooking, this is my "go-to" fire technique as these fires burn hotter, require less wood for sufficient cooking, are quasi-stealthy, and are quick to extinguish among other things.

DISCLAIMER!!! Dakota Fire Holes can be dangerous! Make sure you do everything you can to put out the fire! What you won't see on this video was me pouring water on the fire to put it out before I buried it. Before leaving any fire, make sure you douse it thoroughly with water and bury it. Dakota Fire Holes can cause root fires and can smolder well beyond the time you bury it.

Lean-To Fire Lay

Bob Hansler Gives a demonstration of how to build a Lean to Fire Lay. A useful and effective fire lay to build if the wind is an issue.

Log Cabin Fire Lay

IA Woodsman Shows that this is a great way to get a hot, high flame in a hurry. It has great application for a signal fire, the base of a smoke generator, and as an emergency warming fire.

Star Fire Lay
Bob Hansler  Shows A useful fire to build when you are without the means to cut your firewood to a manageable size.

Swedish fire torch

markp0177 Makes a fire with just one log. How to make a simple fire that is like a candle. We start with one piece of split fire wood and build the fire on top of the log that is standing on end. There are versions of this using 3 logs all the same height for cooking.

Tipi Fire Lay

 NativeSurvival Shows the tipi fire.

Upside Down Campfire Lay

 Hey Pyromaniacs, want a campfire that burns from the top down and does not need tending? Tool Dude Tony shows you how to build a self-sustaining campfire in this episode of Tool Dude vs. Wild in HD.

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