Primitive Weapons

Primitive Weapons

Covered are Altatl, Blow gun, Bola, Rock Sling, Slingshot, Spear Fishing,  

Survival Spear, Throwing Stick.


 Martin Survival begins an Atlatl and Dart build. In this video we discuss materials used, the history of and the modern day Atlatl hunter. If you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up button, share on social media and subscribe to Primitive Lifeways on YouTube.


 Blow Guns

Weapons Master  Homemade .50 Cal Blowgun - How to + Shooting. How to make a blowgun + a shooting and target practice / power testing video.They have many great videos on many other topics.


  The making of a forgotten hunting tool the Bola. Also some target practice with it. From WhitetailBushcraft   They have other worth while videos.


Rock Sling

 Krik of Black Owl Outdoors introduces you to an age-old primitive weapon, the Rock Sling or Shepherd Sling. They have other great videos.


 Slingshot shooting, easy how to shoot tutorial instruction video the Bill Hays way

Spear Fishing

Learn how to spear fish by using one of natures greatest tricks; the sunlight's reflection. Wild man Andrew Ucles teaches you about spearfishing - and that practice, eventually makes perfect...


Survival  Spear 

 In this video Survival Lilly makes two different survival spears.


Throwing Stick

Wannabe Bushcrafter Shows an hopi style throwing stick or rabbit stick. The throwing stick is a primitive hunting weapon composed of literally a curved hardwood stick between 2 to 3 feet long.


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